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Developing Leadership as a Mindset

15th June 2021

Time: 10.00aM - 11.00AM gmt

Join our complimentary workshop where we look at how to further develop your leadership skills to make your teams' results your primary focus.

Who is this aimed at?

As leadership is about a 'mindset' and NOT a title, we appeal to anyone who is looking to further develop their leadership skills and behaviours. As aspiring or existing leaders of others, there should always be a need for continuous improvement.

By attending this workshop, you will look at leadership from a different perspective, understanding the true meaning of what it represents to those around you. The content will allow you to go away thinking about how YOU show up as a true leader of those all around you and your reports.

Despite where you are in your Leadership role, I guarantee this will give you a very different perspective on being a leader with impact.

What can you get from this?

By attending this workshop, you will begin to understand at a deeper level that leadership is within all of us, but how we show up as leaders can be very different.

We share with you some of the behaviours that make the top leaders within the workplace and what it is they tend to do differently. Behaviours and skills need to be developed in equal measures so we explore the balance between nurture and nature to elevate you to a leader of true influence.

The workshop will distinguish how you cross that line from personal responsibility to making that 'shift' whereby your teams' results are your primary focus.

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