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why choose us

Why choose us?

EFC Performance are trusted experts at helping senior executives and business owners to realise their full business potential.

We have a long track record of success, delivering growth and strategic development to business owners. Our facilitators and coaches have many years of business experience working with senior appointments at leading companies.

We now take great pride in applying this vast business experience from our team, knowledge and understanding to provide business owners with expert, personalised support and development to achieve their full business potential.

We are also an award - winning team...
Our recent AWards
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Sound interesting?
DiSC Profiling

We will carry out an assessment with you to understand what it is specifically that you want as a result of running DiSC profiling reports. 

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Talk to us

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01527 821235

We've helped many organisations, improve focus, performance and achieve change - Call to discuss how we can help your business.

team assessment

We can advise the best tailored training, coaching or profiling solution for your team.

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