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The Rapid Growth Programme

17th September 2021


Hellidon Lakes Resort, Northamptonshire

Helping you to Transition from "Bricks2Clicks" using global marketplaces whilst preparing people for change.

A joint collaboration between Elaine Frostman-Clarke and Barry Tong

About this event

From Bricks2Clicks™ is a whole new concept designed to work with, and support, business owners who want to "shift" from a tradition business model, to one that embraces the way consumers are expected to purchase in the future.

This is about learning how to scale your business in order to trade more effectively on-line, whilst driving your teams to elite performance and creating a business to operate at that next competitive level.

As subject matter experts in both the understanding of third-party platforms as well as how to implement change across your organisation through coaching and training, Elaine Frostman-Clarke and Barry Tong have come together as successful business owners to combine their knowledge and talent. 

Together they have formed "From Bricks2Clicks™", which is available to Business owners, Directors and Key decision makers who are serious about the growth and development of their organisations and are NOT in the service industry.

This is not a "get rich scheme" but a genuine route-map for next level growth.

Learn how to scale your business in order to trade more effectively onlin, AND Drive your teams to Elite performance

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