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Reason #1 – We All Have “Blind” Spots

Don’t you hate it when you pull innocently into the next lane only to have a car terrifyingly appear in the rear view mirror SO close to your bumper with the driver really glaring at you with white knuckles clenching the wheel? Where did that car come from anyway??? There’s a reason it’s called a blind spot. You don’t see it. The same is true for your communication and behavior styles. There are things about your style that likely are completely blind to you, but living in broad daylight to co-workers and/or your family – and some of those things make them crazy! Page 6 of the special report you receive after completing the Comprehensive disc Personality Test gives you insights into your personal blind spots and suggestions about how to be aware of them and potential modify your behavior to have more meaningful, successful and rewarding relationships.

Reason #2 – Leverage Creates Greater Success

Archimedes is said to have proclaimed: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” When you leverage your strengths, you can move your world as well. Give yourself the gift of leverage by learning more about your communication and behavioral strengths. See how your style is viewed by others when you “in-control” vs “out-of-control” with your behaviors on pages 10-12 of your personal report. This will help you use your knowledge of the disc information to accomplish more and get better results from all your interactions and relationships.

Reason #3 – You Can’t Afford Not To
Take the DISC Test

Take the DISC Test

Complete the Full Assessment in about
10 Minutes

This Comprehensive disc Personality Test is just 24 questions and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. You will receive a 28-page personalized report which includes:​​

  1. Personalized analysis of your natural style and adapted style

  2. Thorough review of all four DISC styles and how you work within those styles

  3. Insights into the greatest gifts and greatest concerns you have in your workplace

  4. Overview of the styles that complement your strengths

  5. Strategies for communicating more effectively

  6. Analysis of your response to stressful situations

  7. A look at how others view you and your communication style

  8. Information on how to adapt your style

    And so much more...

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