What kind of a Leader will you need to be now?

So…what matters now?

If you had said to me in January that in the Spring and Summer the way you run your business will be based on supporting clients through a period of complete lockdown, I would have thought you had been sniffing something undesirable!

Everything in our lives has changed…and if your OWN life hasn’t changed then those around you have probably gone through a monumental transformation. Transition is all around us, in particular in the working environment and we are all going through the biggest transition we will potentially go through in our lifetimes. But everything goes in stages or phases and this pandemic will be no different believe me…look back over history at other similar outbreaks and you will discover that all had a gradual end to them, whatever that looked like.

Being a B2B company, we like to understand how change impacts the clients we work with so we have actively been engaging in different conversations with our stakeholders to understand a whole range of different needs that we can support them with.

One of the key things that we found was Leaders encouraging individuals and teams to think bigger and faster. Projects that were maybe thought impossible to achieve in a given time period are now being encouraged to explore people running those projects to tap into other skill sets and eliminate barriers to completion. By comparison, Unilever converted factory lines that were making deodorants into ones that could make hand sanitizer. Best Buy which had spent months testing curbside pickup at a handful of stores, rolled it out to every store in just 2 days. This pace around change has to come from a belief from the Leader of a team or business that employees CAN work in a very different way. It’s about promoting the “CAN DO” attitude in people and rather than let Technical issues get in the way, ensuring that the mindset is not creating the blockage.

The other factor that our clients have commented on is that as a business, they have a TIME BANK created by people working from home and NOT commuting into an office. More flexible working hours as well has enabled people to focus on more critical tasks and apportion their time more effectively. Applying an 80/20 approach has been easier for employees to adopt this mindset thus working effectively around the best use of time.

Elevating the thinking from “to be” to the same level as “to do”. David Schwimmer, CEO of the London Stock Exchange Group says “People are looking to me for a different kind of leadership. In a normal environment, it’s about business leadership and setting up strategy, as well as culture and people decisions. In this environment, it’s about helping people maintain morale. It's about people being prepared for whatever may come in the face of uncertainty

Leaders are seeing their teams and the workforces through a different set of glasses! And the ones who have NOT made a shift at this time, demonstrate poor leadership and a total lack of awareness for those they are responsible for.

So, what’s next for you and your team? Agile thinking? Developing yourself as a better coach to LISTEN to your people and what they REALLY need? Supporting them on a more 1:1 basis? A sharper focus on your senior management team?

Whatever it is, your people are looking to you for a VERY different style of leadership both now and going forward. We still face uncertainty and the people and businesses who not only survive but also THRIVE are the ones with the most self-aware leaders.

At EFC Performance we work with leaders across all industries and sizes of organisations to help them develop their leadership skills. There's never been a more relevant time to look at this and if you'd like us to help you and your team then please do get in touch with us.

If you're already convinced then why not book a meeting with us now.

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