How smart Leaders bring about change and results

Owner of EFC Performance, Elaine Frostman Clarke, was recently interviewed by Business Connections Live on the subject of creating high-performance teams.

In the interview, Elaine discusses the four main categories behind the services offered by EFC Performance: Executive Coaching; Leadership and management workshops; Behavioural profiling; and fostering high-level team performance.

Fostering high-level team performance

The interview focuses on the last of these four: high-level team performance and how to get the best results from them. Of course, results vary from company to company. Some stakeholders might engage with EFC wanting to change the culture of their organisation. If you're looking at culture that really has to come from looking at the behaviours that are being demonstrated by the people right at the top of that organisation to see whether they're nurturing a culture of fear, or openness and vulnerability. Culture is about the way you do things, so what needs to change?

If things need to change there's generally something not quite right with the behaviours displayed with individuals in the team. Starting to change the way people think about what they do and how they do it can often lead to a very tangible, measurable result.

What size organisation does this work best for?

In reality, the size of organisation isn't the determining factor here. It's more about the business owners having a need to understand how they can think and behave differently as a business owner, to scale up their business and improve the quality of their customers and team members. These business owners need to be ready to make some change, usually around behaviours.

If you think you might be open to making some changes in your organisation here are a couple of things you can do as a starting point:

  • Take this team assessment test with your team. It generally takes about 30 minutes. From this EFC Performance will be able to start to understand the frustrations the team leader has or the team itself if the team has taken the test collectively.

  • If you're interested in looking at profiling both for yourself and your team and you're not that familiar with profiling, then get in touch with us and we'll send out some sample behavioural reports to provide the start of understanding how profiling works.

If you're interested in seeing how the team at EFC Performance can help make your team a high-performing one then why not contact us.

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