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"Master Mind...

Co-ordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose" 
Napoleon Hill, Author, Think and Grow Rich
what is a master mind?

This is not an opportunity for everyone……it is ONLY applicable for people who are serious about their personal development and inevitably, the success of their business or career. This process is not for “wannabes” or “dabblers”, it is for people who are laser focused on bringing success into their lives, and if that resonates with you then this is the place you need to be. The most successful business people the world over, will always tell you that you CANNOT achieve that degree of performance single handed……but trying to seek out like -minded people who will support and motivate you is difficult – hence The Mastermind.

Master Mind Groups have been in existence for many years, going back as far as the 1930’s when the likes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison realised that there was an enormous advantage to surrounding themselves with like-minded people in order to gain momentum for both personal and business growth.

How does it work?

Each Master Mind Group has between 5 and 9 people as members. Each person must have a vested interest in either developing themselves in terms of knowledge and awareness and also have a real appetite to improve their business results.


We ask participants to complete an initial screening questionnaire to ensure that each group is formed with the right balance of people who are keen to support others as well as focus on their own growth.

•    Connects you with a group of people who will support and challenge you to move you forward
•    Massivley accelerates your progress
•    Emerses you in an environment condusive to personal and business growth
•    Allows you to share thoughts and ideas with a group of people wanting you to succeed
•    Be a part of a “board you can’t afford”
•    Helps you become very clear around personal and career goals and fine tune your trajectory
•    Prepares you to grow exponentially as a person
•    Builds a support mechanism of people whom you can trust and rely on for honest feedback

benefits of
master mind groups
Sound interesting?

level one

  • Once every quarter we meet for 2-3 days at an off-site venue which is residential.

  • In between the summits, we also have a group accountability call for 2 hours which is done online.

  • Then, once a month apart from the summit months, each person has a 1:1 for 90 minutes with either myself or one of our highly trained coaches which is conducted online via Zoom.

£950 per person per month

level two

  • Once every quarter we meet for a full day off site.

  • In between times, you will have a 1:1 accountability and coaching call each month, for 90 minutes with either myself or one of our acclaimed coaches which is conducted online via Zoom.




£300 per person per month

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