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helen davies

web designer & editor

helen davies

web designer & editor

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professional accreditations


  • BA Hons Psychology 

  • Copy Writing Diploma

  • Email Marketing Diploma

The way people buy has changed. We do our own research, we google other businesses, we consider online recommendations and make decisions over who we trust by the things that are posted by our customers online.

Aligning business goals, to the way a website is designed is what I do best.

My job is to create websites that are easy on the eye, easy to use and easy to read. We hope our copy inspires you to book our training straight away.


Guiding our clients through our website and ensuring they have all the information they need to choose us for their next learning and development project, whether that's coffee with the coach, executive coaching or large corporate training programmes, we would love to speak to you. 

I also have an interest in social media and how this helps to direct people to our website and have delivered various workshops on the subject of social media.

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