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26th August 2021

Time: 10.00aM - 11.00AM gmt

Getting the team back to work

Join our complimentary workshop where we explore some of the key skills and behaviours you need to help ease the transition back into the workplace.

Who is this aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to help and support their employees' transition back into the workplace. Many people will still be experiencing nervousness about exchanging their kitchen table for the regular work desk.


As we slowly come back from this pandemic, employers need to understand ways to streak their staff and teams in a different way as people get their confidence back. We all need to be back working with people face to face - it's a healthy place to be! A good employer though will be the one who allows time and understanding for all involved.


What will I learn?

Some of the key points you will come away with are as follows:

  • How to have a difficult and sensitive conversation with your employee

  • Understanding your style of communication and also theirs

  • Being the coach and not the boss

  • Knowing the signs of anxiety and apprehension

As an employer, we aim to help give you the confidence and tools to offer the best levels of support for your people.

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