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coffee with the coach

what is coffee with the coach?

This product is NOT for individuals and company's who are not serious about improving their results. “Coffee with the Coach” is a totally new concept around coaching which allows you to develop yourself and your results in a very different way by being part of a powerful group of likeminded people……….AND, at the same time, we will also encourage your passion for coffee 


How does it work?

Every 2 weeks, the group will come together online under the expert supervision and coaching expertise of myself, Elaine Frostman-Clarke, a coach and facilitator for 13 years. As a member of this exclusive group, you will benefit from some incredibly powerful coaching conversations for a few hours whilst enjoying a delicious mug of your favourite coffee!


We ask participants to complete an initial screening questionnaire to ensure that each group is formed with the right balance of people who are keen to support others as well as focus on their own growth.


Who is it for?

Having worked all over the globe as an Executive Coach and Leadership facilitator for many years, I recognise that there is an even GREATER need amongst executives to want to work closely with a coach.

Remember! People who are PASSIONATE about creating a difference to their results are not afraid to take action!!

•    Drives accountability
•    Allows you to develop your own skills around coaching as well as being coached
•    Easily accessible as on line dynamic
•    Fits around a busy schedule without compromising the impact of the result
•    Puts you in a community of like-minded people
•    Offers support from executives and business owners directly in your group
•    Cost effective way of having access to a highly qualified coach

benefits of
Coffee with the coach
Sound interesting?


  • Aimed at teams or a collective of individuals within your organisation.

  • Coaching provided via live ZOOM call every 2 weeks for approx. 2 hours

  • Maximum participants - 10 per group.

  • Each session is focused on continuous personal development, growth and improved results.

  • The process encourages progress via observational learning whilst being present on the calls.


  • Aimed at individuals who are passionate about improving their personal development

  • Online ZOOM coaching call every 2 weeks approx. 3 hours

  • Maximum participants 20 per group


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Coffee with the Coach radio show

Elaine Frostman-Clarke Presents

First tuesday of the Month 5PM-6pm Drivetime

Join Elaine while she interviews people who are either coaches themselves, or who have experienced the power of coaching and who will share with the audience how coaching has created outstanding results and sustainable change.

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