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TEAM Development

Still wondering how to create high performing teams in your business?

Is team excellence as elusive as ever?

Do you wonder how much more your people could achieve with the right knowledge, support, and tools to become more cohesive?

Well, look no further as we have exactly the right programme for you and your team members.


Our team development programme addresses the key factors that hold teams back from peak performance using tried and tested methods.

Under-performing teams are typically:
  • More toxic in their culture

  • Have little or no trust between them

  • Struggle to communicate effectively

  • Are unable to reach swift decisions

  • Engage in conflict rather than healthy challenge

  • Have complete lack of respect for their fellow colleagues

  • Lack the ability to understand their team members and therefore are quick to judge

  • Fail to truly understand the basics between a TEAM and a GROUP

  • Repeatedly undermine each other as well as the team leader

  • Refuse to be held accountable for their actions

  • Have no real commitment to the team as a whole

Sound familiar?

Something you and your team are experiencing?

Team performance is unfairly overlooked in the workplace…


endless programmes around how to LEAD a team with the development of leadership skills, but what about the team itself?

Ask yourself these fundamental questions
  1. Are you a TEAM or a GROUP and do you even know the difference?

  2. What would you describe as the culture of the team?

  3. As a team, what have been the best results you have achieved?

  4. What are the current challenges you face?

  5. What obstacles stand in the way of the team becoming extraordinarily successful?

  6. Do all team members WANT to improve team performance?

  7. How honest can each member be with the rest of the team?

  8. What rules of engagement does the team have?

  9. How have you set out this team’s goals going forward?

  10. What development work do you embark upon to push the performance of this team?


Here is our take on creating high performing teams at EFC Performance

We have created an exceptionally successful programme that creates high performing teams in any type of business providing that the team are operating “in-tact”

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