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Black Country Xtra

Time: 5pm - 6pm Drivetime

coffee with the coach

Black Country Radio presents Coffee with the Coach with Elaine Frostman-Clarke


Welcome to Coffee with the Coach, a unique product available to anyone who has been thinking about entering into an executive coaching relationship but still not quite sure if it's the right step for them or unsure as to exactly how coaching can help them.

By joining a CwtC group, you will not only begin to see and experience this phenomenal vehicle for change but also share with others your challenges and experience growth from the observational learning that happens in the group.

CwtC groups meet frequently and provide a fully supportive backdrop conducive to your progression and development as an exeutive.

There is just one thing that is a pre requisite and that is you MUST have the obligatory "cup of coffee" to enjoy during the session.


Why not join us in one of our groups or listen in to the CwtC radio Show.

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