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29th April 2021

Time: 10.00aM - 11.00AM gmt

Behavioural profiling

Join our interactive workshop where we look at how Behavioural Profiling and the Everything DiSC profiling tool can help benefit your team and its performance.

Who is this aimed at?

The workshop is aimed at anyone who is looking at understanding their own core behaviours in more detail as well as the behaviours of those around them. In addition, it's for people who are in the L&D environment to take a look at the variety of reports available to run at every level across the business.

What can you get from this?

Behavioural Profiling is designed to raise awareness around behaviours and how to best adapt those behaviours when engaging with those around you. You will learn how to get the best from people who operate very differently from you - how do you understand the motivaters of others? How do you learn to build a balanced team through DiSC? How do you use DiSC for recruitment and on-boarding? You will come away with a broad understanding of the many ways to use your reports across your organisation to drive awareness and performance.

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